The functioning of Andaman and Nicobar Police commenced on 16.01.53 when Shri. N.F Suntook, IPS took over charge as first Superintendent of Police. In the year 1963, Andaman and Nicobar Police Manual came into force for the purpose of Police Administration and day to day functioning and which, apart from other things, also specified the appointment and training needs of different ranks in the force. Thus with the passage of time and need, a Police Training School came to be established by drawing competent trainers in the field of Outdoor and Indoor out of existing force and it started functioning at Police Line, Port Blair with whatever infrastructure was available. Constable recruits of A&N Police are ever since being imparted basic training at the Police Training School Port Blair. So far 69 batches of recruits have already passed out from PTS. In the month of July 2010 Police Training School was shifted to Prothrapur with its own independent building and started functioning here w.e.f 13/07/2010.

Establishment of an Integrated Training Complex 

To improve training facilities, an Integrated Training Complex comprising a Computer Lab, to accommodate 15 trainees in one session, Lecture Hall having capacity of 50 participants and a Library having capacity of 25 persons have been established at Police line for the benefit of recruit trainees as well as in-service personnel attending professional courses time to time. Altogether 3066 books on Law and other subjects relating to Police functioning are available in the Library. The Computer Lab is also being provided required number of computer for imparting basic training to the Police Officers and men. 

Computer Training to all Police Officers

As we know, the role of information and technology has become more important in day to day functioning of Police Force including crime and investigation, it has already been decided to provide basic computer education to each and every service person of the Andaman and Nicobar Police Force and as such the computer training has also been included in the syllabus of constable recruits.

Some of the special features of the revised Basic Training course include:-

The following facilities are being provided in the Police Training for police personnel and their families:-

  • Police Station attachment to ensure practical exposure to Police Station level functions.
  • Guest lectures and interaction session with external resource persons/experts.
  • Specialized modules on contemporary issues like Human Rights, Gender Sensitization and Media relation.
  • Compulsory exposure to Computers.
  • Film shows both recreational and professional.
  • Study tours to important establishments/institutions such as Courts, Hospitals, FPB, Phillaur, CFSL, CDTS, ISPW Net etc.:
  • Compulsory motor driving.:
  • Meditation, Yoga and inner personality conflict management.

Regular and systematic feedback from trainees enables fine tuned and responsive training schedule. 

Experts from various specialized fields e.g. Forensic Science Laboratories, Senior Police Officers, prominent officers/representatives of the society are invited as resource person to whet the knowledge of trainees and to improve their professional skills. Special workshops/modules on various topics like Sensitization of Human Rights, Custodial Violence, Cyber Crime, Bank fraud, ATM card offences , DNA profiling , HIV/AIDS and latest amendment in law etc. are also conducted from time to time for all ranks up to the Inspector in the PTS.