Superintendent of Police :
Shri Sunny Gupta, IPS
Contact : 03193-265223
SDPO Carnicobar :
Shri Vijay Singh, DySP 
Contact : 03193-265966
SDPO Campbell Bay :
Shri Firoz Alam, DySP 
Contact : 03193-264154


    On 1st August 1974, the Nicobar group of Islands were declared a separate district with its headquarter at Car Nicobar, where half of the population of district residents.

    The Nicobar Police District came into existence in 1991 when the General Police District of Andaman & Nicobar Islands were separated into Andaman Police District and Nicobar Police District. The Superintendent of Police Nicobar District started functioning in Car Nicobar in the year 1991, but for all other purposes, a separate district with headquarter at Car Nicobar was created as early as 1974.

Police Stations 

There are five police stations in Nicobar District

    • PS Car Nicobar
    • PS Nancowrie
    • PS Katchal
    • PS Teressa
    • PS Campbell Bay.

Besides five Police Stations in the district, there are One Look Out Posts at 

    • Tillangchong manned by IRBn (functioning under jurisdiction of PS Nancowrie)

Out Post

    • Sawai (PS Car Nicobar)
    • Gandhi Nagar (PS Campbell Bay)
    • Macachua (PS Campbell Bay)
    • Afra Bay (PS Campbell Bay)
    • Chowra (PS Teressa)

SDPO Carnicobar supervises the functioning of

    • PS Carnicobar
    • PS Nancowrie
    • PS Katchal
    • PS Teressa 
    • OP Sawai. 

SDPO Campbell bay supervises the functioning of 

    • PS Campbell bay
    • OP Gandhi Nagar 
    • LOP Afrabay 
    • LOP Makachua

    In general, the crime rate is very low with an average of about 240 cases registered per year during the last 05 years. Out of which, an average of only 42 cases are registered under IPC and the rest cases are related to Local & Special Laws. The majority of these cases are related to the violation of excise regulation. The District is peaceful from the law & order point of view.

     The Nicobar group of Islands consists of 22 Islands out of which 12 are inhabited. Car Nicobar Island lies at the Northern limit and Great Nicobar is the Southernmost. The distance from Car Nicobar to Great Nicobar is 278 Km. The district has a population of 36,842 as per the 2011 census and the total land area is 1841 Sq. Kms. The distance from Port Blair to Car Nicobar is 156 Nautical miles (281 Km approx.). Car Nicobar is the district headquarter. This Island has an area of about 127 Sq.Kms and the average height of 12 mtrs above sea level. The Islands are isolated and exposed to the open sea. In almost all the inhabited Islands, Nicobaries are the predominant community (Tribes) except for Great Nicobar where the non-tribals are the majority.

Tribal Reserve Area

    All the Islands have been declared Tribal Reserve Area under Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation, 1956 with the exception of the eastern coast of Great Nicobar, comprising 7 villages, which is a non-reserve area, where 330 Ex/Servicemen families were settled under Accelerated Development Programme of Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation in 1969-72. According to the PAT Regulation, non-tribals are not permitted to carry out any business activity or acquire land in tribal reserve areas without the permission of the Honorable Lt. Governor.

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