1. What is a Passport? 

    "Passport" is an official document, issued by competent authority on behalf of a sovereign nation state, certifying the holders identity and nationality, & authorizing the holder to travel abroad. 

  2. Where is the passport application form available? 

    Passport application forms are available at Assistant Secretary (Passport); Secretariat. Port Blair. It is also available at http://passport.nic.in 

  3. What are the fees for issuing a passport ? 

    1. Fresh Passport ( 36 pages ) of 10 years validity- Rs. 1,500/- 
    2. Fresh Passport ( 60 pages ) of 10 years validity - Rs. 2,000/-
    3. Fresh Passport for Minors ( Below 13 years of Age ) of 5 years validity - Rs.1000 (Only Cash)
    4. Tatkal Rs. 3500/- 

  4. What is the procedure if the passport is lost? 

    A complaint should be lodged immediately in the concerned local police station and thereafter, an application for a new passport should be submitted. 

  5. How many days are required for police verification? 

    The verification procedure generally takes about 3 weeks from the receipt of the application. 

  6. What are the documents required to apply for a passport ? 

    Attach two copies of the following documents: 
    1. Applicant's Ration Card or any of the following documents. 
        a) Telephone Bill. 
        b) Electricity Bill. 
        c) Bank Account Passbook. 
        d) Election Card. 
        e) Letter from the Society on letterhead. 
        f) NOC from the department if applicant is a Government servant. 
    2. Proof of date of birth : School leaving certificate / Birth certificate. 
    3. Citizenship documents (If applicant is citizen of India by registration or naturalization). 
    4. If the applicant does not reside on the present address for the last one year, an additional set of personal particulars form for each additional place of residence is required. 
    5. Colour Photographs (frontal view). 
    6. Two photographs are required for verification at the local police station. 

  7. What is the procedure if the applicant is minor? 

    Attach following additional documents :- 
    a) Affidavit by legal guardian (if parents are not legal guardians). 
    b) Affidavit by two responsible persons who know the legal guardian as well as the minor. 
    c) Attested photocopy of passport if any, of both parents, incorporating their present marital status. 

  8. What is procedure for change of name after marriage / divorce? 
    a) A woman applying for the first time for a passport in her married name or for change of name/surname in the existing passport on account of marriage should furnish: 
    i) A photocopy of the husband's passport (if issued to him). 
    ii) An attested copy of the marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages or an affidavit from the husband and wife along with a joint photograph. 
    b) Divorcees applying for change of name or deletion of spouse's name in existing passport must furnish: 
    i) Divorce deed / Order of family court. 
    ii) Affidavit furnishing details about divorce. 
    c) Re-married applicants applying for a change of name/spouse's name should furnish: 
    i) Divorce/death certificate as the case may be in respect of first spouse, and 
    ii) Documents as (a) above relating to second marriage. 
  9. List of applicants entitled to Emigration Check Not Required stamp (E.C.N.R.) 

    a) People going abroad in managerial capacity and possessing specialized degrees in their respective fields. 
    b) All Gazetted Government servants. 
    c) All Income-Tax payers (including Agricultural Income-Tax Payees) in their individual capacity. I.T. assessment orders issued by Income-Tax Dept. for last three years be submitted along with application for passport. If assessment order is not issued, copies of Income Tax Return stamped by Income Tax authority can be accepted.
    d) All professional degree holders, such as doctors holding M.B.B.S. degree in Ayurveda or Homoeopathy, accredited Journalists, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Lecturers, Teachers, Scientists, Advocates etc. 
    e) Spouses and dependent children up to the age of 24 years are listed from (b) to (d). 
    f) All persons who have been staying abroad for more than 3 years 
    g) Seamen who are in possession of CDC or C cadets. 
    h) All holders of Diplomatic/Official passports.     
    i) Dependent children of parents whose passports are classified as E.C.N.R. until they attain 24 years of age. 
    j) Persons holding permanent Immigrant Visas. 
    k) Persons holding Graduate or higher degrees. 
    l) Persons holding 3 years diploma equivalent to degrees. 
    m) Nurses possessing qualifications recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act-1947. 
    n) All persons above the age of 60 years Note- No emigration clearance is required for visiting Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries of Europe (Excluding C.I.S. States ), North America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. 
    o) No emigration clearance is required for persons possessing certificate of Vocational Training from the Government/ Government recognized institutions. 

  10. What is a VISA? 

    VISA refers to an endorsement (writing or branding) on the passport, made by competent authority of a nation State, allowing entry to the passport holder into another country. VISA is necessary for entry into another country.