1. What is Noise Pollution?

    Noise pollution means the disturbance produced in environment by undesirable sounds of various kinds like Loudspeaker, Horn, etc.

  2. What are the ill-effects of noise pollution?

    a) Noise as nuisance and health hazard to human beings and other living things
    b) Hearing loss
    c) Interference with communication
    d) Disturbance of sleep
    e) Annoyance
    f) Adverse effect on performance
    g) Physiological effects
    h) Accentuated effects on urban children, sick & elderly people under recuperation.

  3. Restrictions / limits of noise level : (Timings etc.)

    The Ambient air standards in respect of Noise should not increase to the following :- 
S.No Category of Area During Day Time During Night Time
1. Residential area 55 dB 45 dB
2. Industrial area 75 dB 70 dB
3. Commercial area 65 dB 55 dB
4. Silence area 50 dB 40 dB