Police Line

Armed Police & Special Armed Police

  • Prior to 1945 British military Police was functioning in these islands to maintain law and order which included civil police also. 
  • British re-occupied these islands on 08th Oct 1945. During this period a fresh batch of officers called “Deputation Force” drawn mostly from U.P Police, Punjab Police and Tamilnadu Police was brought to A & N Islands. 
  • Two companies of Special Armed Police were raised in 1967 and in 1969 respectively.
  • SAP is used as emergency striking reserve force and also carryout special assignments.
  • The SAP companies are trained for duties of special nature and maintenance of law and order in these islands during any emergency.
  • The A & N Police manual came into force from 1st June 1963 and since then the work of this force has been regulated by this manual. It functions under SP(AP/SAP). 

Main Activities (AP Unit)

Main duties of the Armed Police Unit are :-  

  • General duties
  • Guard duties 
  • providing Static Guard 
  • Various escort duties 
  • Law & order duties
  • Armed Police unit participates in the Independence Day, Republic and Milan Day Parade. 

Police Dispensary  

The dispensary was established on 24th Sept 1961. It is situated in Police Lines. Dispensary provides medical assistance to Police personnel and their families. 

Police Band 

The Band is functioning at Police Lines under the supervision of SP (AP/SAP). The Band have been participating the Ceremonial Parade Such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Milan Parade and also attend VIPs/VVIPs functions. The Band is occasionally deployed for certain functions on payment basis. 

Quarter Master Store:-  

Major works:- The work assigned to Quarter Master Store, Police Lines is to procure & issue all the essential items required for the usage of various offices/units & police personnel of A & N Police. The QMS collects annual requirement from all the units for various stationary/furniture/electrical/computer consumable/misc. items and accordingly purchases and issues to all concerned units.

Police Family Welfare Centre:-


Following are the main activities of Family Welfare Centre:-

  • Nursery School:- it is functional at Police Lines. It looks after children from age group of 2 ½ years to 5 years of Police personnel. One lady Teachers and the lady Home Guards looks after the children. The timing for the class is 0800 to 1230 hrs. 
    • Admission fees :- Rs.70/-
    • Monthly fees    :- Rs.50/- P.M
  • Computer Training Centre :- It is functioning at Police Lines. There are six computers. It provides computer training to the wards of Police personnel The duration of the computer course is one year and six months. A non-refundable fee of Rs.500/- admission fee and tuition fee of Rs.250/- per month is charged from the students. 
  • Stitching Centre :- This is also functioning in police lines.They stitch uniforms for Police personnel/recruits. Stitching work is carried out by 4 Home Guards and 7 members of families of Police personnel, the rate fixed for Terri-cotton uniform is Rs. 250/- and for Cotton uniform is Rs. 180/-.
  • School Bus:- The Police School Bus service was started in 20th January, 2001. At present 98 school students of Police family avails the facility on minimum charge of Rs.25/- per month only.

Japanese Museum:-  

A Japanese Museum is being run by A & N Police in front of Police Lines gate, which has information related to occupation of A & N Islands by the Japanese Government during the period from 1942 to 1945. The entry for public is free on all days from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. 

Central Police Canteen :-

Central Police Canteen

Central Police Canteen started functioning at Police Lines since 26/01/2012 for the welfare of working/ retired police personnel’s and their family members. It provides certain articles to Police personnel and their families on subsidised rates.

Sports Activities:- 

The A & N Police is also participating in the sports activities, such are Regional and National level Foot ball, Volley Ball, Cricket and Hokey tournaments and water sports etc. 

Excellence In Sports