Police Line

Criminal Investigation Department of Andaman & Nicobar Police is functioning under the overall supervision of IGP (Int) assisted by SP and DySP.

The following unit's functions under CID:-

  • Special Branch
  • Central Crime Station
  • Crime Against Women Cell
  • Anti Human Trafficking Unit
  • State Crime Record Bureau
  • Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL)
  • Finger Print Section
  • Photography Section
  • Dog Squad

Special Branch

  • The main function of the Special Branch is collection of intelligence in various fields like criminal intelligence, communal/religious intelligence and any other important activities.
  • SB also conducts all types of verification including Passport, Arms license, Bar licence etc.

Central Crime Station

  • Police Station located at Port Blair City and having jurisdiction all over the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The cases under Foreigners Act, 1946 and Maritime Zone of India (MZI) Act, 1981 are registered in this Police Station. 
  • Besides, this Police Station is also entrusted with the investigation of important cases like IT Act, sensational heinous cases etc. 

Crime Against Women Cell

A Women Police Station was established in Port Blair on 22nd Oct 1993. Main functions of Crime Against Women Cell are as follows:-

  • To enquire into all complaints of harassment for dowry and domestic violence.
  • To provide counseling and mediation services.
  • Tracing and restoring of missing, runaway or stray children and women and to rehabilitate them.
  • To sensitize the general public, students and female community regarding the special rights of women and children under the Indian Constitution, various international Treaties & Conventions and laws in force.
  • To conduct surprise and regular checking in public transports, cyber cafes, places of entertainment, and other public places to prevent sexual harassment and to apprehend mischievous persons for legal action.
  • Post crime counseling of female/child victims and their families and helping them in rehabilitation with the help of recognized institutions/NGOs.

Anti Human Trafficking Unit

The AHTU was established for:-

  • Deal with offences of human trafficking with a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To ensure inter departmental collaboration among the Police and all other Government Agencies and Departments, such as Women and Child, Labour, Health etc. 
  • Conducting a rescue operation with the assistance of NGOs about trafficking activities.
  • Ensuring a victim-centric approach which ensures the best interest of the victim/survivor and prevents secondary victimization/re-victimization of the victim as well as ensuring a gender-sensitive and child rights sensitive approach in dealing with trafficked victims. 

State Crime Record Bureau

To maintain crime records:- 

  • The objective of SCRB is to collect crime data from all Police Stations of A&N Islands and to maintain records of the same. Necessary entries regarding FIRs, Charge-sheets, FRs and conviction slips etc are made in the crime register of SCRB.
  • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and financial year reports, parliament questions, RTIs, verification of police personnel are being maintained.
  • SCRB implements the Crime Criminal Information System (CCIS) which is a nationwide project, developed by National Crime Records Bureau, New Delhi. It contains detailed information on crime and criminals of A&N Islands.
  • To computerize the crime & criminal records and also to introduce a degree of standardization in crime record management. Integrated Investigation Forms (IIF) are fed in CCIS software.
  • Missing person Cell is functioning under SCRB to keep the updated data of missing persons. It uploads and updates the missing person’s data on the A&N police website.

Forensic Science Laboratory

The Forensic Science Laboratory started functioning in March 2003. The FSL is situated in the CID Office Complex, Port Blair. It works under the supervision of one Senior Scientific Officer and overall supervision of SP (CID). At present, only Chemical Science Division is functioning at FSL and it carries out examination of:-

  • Provision type cases – (i) Illicit liquor and (ii) IMFL
  • NDPS Cases (Opium, Ganja, Charas and Hashish)
  • Arson Cases (Petroleum products)
  • Toxicological examination (Pesticides & Drugs poisoning)

One District Mobile Forensic Unit (DMFU) for South Andaman District has been established.

Finger Print Section

One Finger Print Section under the administrative control of A&N Police is functioning under SP.

Nature of work

    • Maintains Finger Prints records of convicts/suspected/arrested persons.
    • Maintains of Finger Print records of unknown dead bodies and suspected cases.
    • Attend the scene of crimes to the chance print from the scene of crime.
    • Till date, 1,083 finger prints are maintained in Finger Print Section.

Photography Section

  • A photography section is functioning under the supervision of Dy.SP with a meagre strength who is responsible for all type of photography and videography work of the Police Department including Scene of crimes.

Dog Squad

  • A&N Police Dog Squad was established in the year 2002. At present Dog Squad is having a strength of 9 dogs (02 Explosives, 03 Trackers and 04 Narcotics). These sniffer dogs are deployed for duties at Airport, Helipad, Seaports, Anti-Sabotage Checking during VIP/VVIPs visits and venue of state functions and attending the scene of the crime as and when required.


  • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act – 2000 seeks to protect basic human rights and needs of Juvenile in conflict with law and children in need of care and protection. 
  • The Act imposes certain duties on Police and it envisages creation of certain institutions including Juvenile Justice Board. Special Juvenile Police Unit and Juvenile Officers.

Important features of the Act:

  • Who is a Juvenile?
    Under the Act, a ‘Juvenile’ means a person who has not completed eighteenth year of age. 

  • Special Juvenile Police Unit
    Special Juvenile Police Unit means a unit of the Police of a state-designated for the handling of juveniles or children U/s 63 of the Juvenile Justice Act.

  • The District Special Juvenile Police Unit has been created in three districts of A&N Islands.

  • Woman & Child Helpline Telephone No. 1098 (toll-free)

  • Child Welfare Officers
    Juvenile Police unit has been created in all three districts of this UT and a special Child Welfare Officer (CWO) has been designated in each police station in A & N Islands. The list of Child Welfare Officers district wise is as follows:

South Andaman District

S.No Name Police Station Office Contact No. Contact No.
1. Smti.Rasheeda, Sub-Inspector Aberdeen 03192-232400 9679521979
2. Miss. Grace Field, Sub-Inspector Pahargaon 03192-250525 9474290771
3. Shri. Mohd. Rafique, Sub-Inspector Chatham 03192-232232 9474268519
4. Shri. K.P Abdul Arif, Sub-Inspector Humfrigunj 03192-287590 9476065930
5. Shri. Abdul Azad, Assistant Sub-Inspector Bambooflat 03192-258411 9474200498
6. Shri. Poojan Prasad, Sub-Inspector Hut Bay 03192-284208 9434276522
7. Miss, Mariam, Sub-Inspector Havelock 03192-282405 9474275267
8. Shri. Jerumba, Assistant Sub-Inspector Neil Island 03192-282602 9434287403
9. Shri. Mohd. Rafique, Sub-Inspector Ograbraj 03192-224934 9434263815

Middle & North Andaman District

S.No Name Police Station Office Contact No. Contact No.
1. Shri.P. Raja Rao, Assistant Sub-Inspector Baratang 03192-279503 9476021958
2. Shri.B.Someshwar Rao, Sub-Inspector Kadamtala 03192-267005 9434278416
3. Shri. M.T. Abdul Salam, Sub-Inspector Rangat 03192-274239 9434274563
4. Shri. D.K. Roy, Assistant Sub-Inspector Billiground 03192-270523 9434298719 
5. Shri. Abdul Sajid, Inspector Mayabunder 03192-273203 9474260722
6. Shri. T.Dilla Rao, Sub-Inspector Kalighat 03192-278149 9474260722
7. Shri. G. S Yadav, Sub-Inspector Diglipur 03192-272223 9474271954

Nicobar District

S.No Name Police Station Office Contact No. Contact No.
1. Shri. Mahesh Kumar, Inspector Car Nicobar 03193-265242 9474233832
2. Shri. Benedict, Sub-Inspector Campbell Bay 03193-264210 9476087715
3. Shri.P. M. Krishna Kumar, Sub-Inspector Nancowry 03193-263464 9476029020
4. Shri. Thomas Kutty, Sub-Inspector Teressa 03193-294039 9474218829
5. Shri. BarunAdhikari, Sub-Inspector Katchal 03193-295251 9434279416


  • The protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 came into force on 14th November 2012. 
  • The Act under its ambit defines child as a person below the age-group of 18 and is gender-neutral and have a clear definition for all types of sexual abuses.