The citizens can directly and easily interact with the A & N Police for various traffic related complaints, suggestions etc. This messenger service may be used by the general public for sharing of:-

  1. Suggestions and feedback about police service.
  2. Specific information about traffic congestion & accidents.
  3. Traffic violation images with date, time and place of violation alongwith sender’s complete name and address, in order to take legal action against the violator.
  4. Complaint report, suggest or update the police about any criminal incident in their areas through audio, video clipping or images.

Citizens can receive updates about Andaman & Nicobar Island police by joining in WhatApp @ 9434289970

Send a Whatsapp message #join (including the # sign) to 9434289970

Alternately. you can create a group and add your friends to that group as well as 9434289970 and the group will receive all future updates.